Snappers Were Snapping ðŸŽ£

Red Snapper season has started and the snappers were snapping! This was my second year going on this fishing charter to catch red snapper. The state of Texas only allows 2 red snapper per season per person so I’ve already caught my limit. The good thing is that there are more fish in the sea! This was a 12 hour trip and it went by really quick. We left Galveston, Texas at 730 a.m. for a 3.5 hour ride into the Gulf of Mexico. We fished 3 or 4 different spots to make sure everyone caught something and then we headed back in. Everything is provided for you on the boat but you are free to bring your own rods, reels, and bait. I actually used spanish sardines as bait this time and it seemed to work better than the squid. This company offers many different fishing trips and im ready for the next one. If you’ve never been deep sea fishing you should definitely try it. You might just get hooked!

Caught my 2 snapper limit!
Snappers on ice!
My first catch of the day!
You can get your fish cut any way you want to as soon as you get off the boat. For a small fee of course.
Fish as far as the eye can see! Not really but you get the point.

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