I DROVE A MONSTER TRUCK! I just had to say it again because it was that cool!

Big Truck Driver!

I have been wanting to cross this adventure off my bucket list for a long time but I never thought that I’d actually get a chance to drive one. Well I found a place and today was the day! Driving a monster truck may seem like something only the professionals can do but the internet told me something different. I stumbled upon (https://www.drivemonstertrucks.com/ ) which is located in Bethlehem, Connecticut while searching for things to add to my bucket list and I just had to book my driving package asap.

I showed up early to the drive site and was eager to get started and luckily for me I was able to start right away. I signed the waiver, got fitted for a helmet, and was given a thorough overview of what I was going to do. We walked the driving course and the instructor went over where I should drive and what I would do for each lap of the course. Once inside of the truck (Blue Buzzard), the driving instructor went over what the switches, buttons, lights, and levers meant but I had him repeat it again because I was really excited and forgot to listen lol. He made sure I was comfortable with all of the instructions and then I was strapped in and given the thumbs up to start the engine. The instructor had a remote engine shut off that he carried with him so if things got a little crazy he could kill the engine. But hey, it’s monster truck driving so things are suppose to get a little interesting right?

Once the engine was started I made a couple laps around the course just to get comfortable with the truck. Let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it looks. Major props to the professionals because this takes some skill. I started to get a little more comfortable with the truck but I was definitely still an amateur. I was able to do some donuts, drive over some dirt hills, and driver over a few cars!

Wide Load 🤣
Crushing cars!

The atmosphere was very relaxed and Tom made me laugh the whole time. If you’ve ever sat in the audience at Monster Jam and thought to yourself that you’d like to see what it’s like to drive one of these bad boys then you need to make your way to this place.

Blue Buzzard!
A little peek underneath.
Now that’s a big truck!

💡Fun fact: The tires on Blue Buzzard weigh 1000lbs a piece!

Check out my YouTube video for this adventure ~ https://youtu.be/QDBOzJCWs5M


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