Flying in a Vintage WWII C-47

Today I was afforded the opportunity to fly in a vintage WWII C-47 aircraft with Greatest Generation Aircraft in Ft. Worth, Texas. Greatest Generation Aircraft is located in the hanger of the Vintage Flying Museum. Greatest Generation Aircraft not only conducts flights throughout the year in Ft. Worth but they also visit air shows and offer flights there.

The Southern Cross was built in 1941 as a passenger aircraft for TWA. After the attack on Pearl Harbor the aircraft was called into action to carry troops and service the military during WWII as well as the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Going Up
Flying over Ft. Worth

After the war, it changes hands many times. Immediately following the war, it was returned to it’s original purpose of passenger carriage. It was owned by Chicago and Southern Airlines until 1953 when the airline and all of its planes were bought by Delta Airlines. It flew under Delta until it was bought by the president of Mexico. At that time the plane received a full makeover to reflect his presidential status along with new upgraded engines.

After its presidential run, the plane was sold to a skydiving company and gutted to make the plane lighter to accommodate a plane full of jumpers.

The plane was owned by several private parties until it made its way to Greatest Generation Aircraft where it has been restored to its original likeness.

The check in process for my flight was simple and after a quick safety briefing we loaded through the back of the plane for the 30 minute flight. Take off was smooth and we maxed out at about 1000ft as we flew over the Dallas/Ft. Worth skyline. The left side of the plane consist of passenger seats and on the right side are jumper seats since this plane is also used for military skydiving practice (static line) from time to time. The inside of the plane contains many signatures of soliders along with their rank, branch, years of service, and what war they fought in or where they were stationed. It was quite amazing to see how far the dates went back.

The flight was smooth and the landing was even smoother! Afterwards, I was able to roam around the hanger to take pictures of other war birds. This was such an amazing experience and if you are like me and love history you have to check this place out!

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