Sky Combat Ace – Recon Mission

Have you ever flown in a stunt plane? If the answer is no then listen up. So I flew to Las Vegas on one plane just to hop in another plane with Sky Combat Ace! We are flying in the Extra 330 stunt plane! This hair-raising experience includes a few basic aerobatic maneuvers such as the aileron roll, loop, barrel roll, and hammerhead. And yes you do get a chance to take over control and fly the plane yourself. For the record, I did pass out for about 6 seconds lol! If you’re ok with almost losing anything that’s in your stomach you should try it! We hit a little over 7 G’s and I think I kinda liked flying upside down lol! Sky Combat Ace will also transport you from your hotel to the airport (Henderson Executive Airport) and back to the hotel as a courtesy if you want.

Check out the full video my YouTube channel ➡️

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