Adventure of the Day: 12 hour Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico was on the menu for today. I wish I was exposed to fishing when I was younger but hey🤷🏾‍♀️ no time like the present. I went on a 12 hour fishing charter with Williams Party Boats in Galveston, Texas. I jumped into this fishing thing feet first and in no time I was catching some Red Snapper! The good thing about this charter is that they provide the rod, reel, tackle, and squid for bait. Of course if you’re a real fisherman you can bring your own equipment but it’s a nice perk to have everything provided for you. The deckhands were great and everyone on board made me feel welcomed. Plenty of fish was caught and when we docked my fish was cleaned and bagged up for me to take home. Overall this was a great experience and I’m definitely doing it again. I left this part for the end but yes I did get sea sick🤮. It came on suddenly after 2 hours on the boat. I took dramamine exactly as the instructions directed but it did not work for me.


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