Who Shot J.R.? (Southfork Ranch Tour – Dallas)

On March 21, 1980 the T.V. show “Dallas” left the world with a cliffhanger episode and the question on everybody’s mind was, “who shot J.R.? Finally on November 21, 1980 the shooter was revealed!

Now, did you know that you can visit the actual ranch from the T.V. show and even live like a Ewing for a day?

Southfork Ranch is not only home to the original hit T.V. show “Dallas” but there is also an event and conference center on the property. There are several packages to choose from to enhance your visit at the ranch to include the Live Like a Ewing package. This package includes the mansion and property tour, an over night stay in the mansion, J.R.’s steak dinner, movie night with reruns of Dallas, and breakfast on the patio the next morning. There are animals on the farm that you can interact with and the staff is super nice!

The tour starts at the visitors center and then you make your way through the museum. Once you’re done with the museum you make your way outside and then you’re transported through the ranch property to the mansion. After a brief introduction the tour guide leads you through the house and gives you information about the cast and more background information about the house. Once the tour is over you are free to explore the property on your own.

The ranch has a lot of history and the stories are endless. If you live nearby or if this has been on your list for a while you should definitely stop by for a tour!

💡 Fun fact: On November 21, 1980, 350 million people around the world tune in to television’s popular primetime drama “Dallas” to find out who shot J.R. Ewing


Jock Ewing’s car!
Where the family would have breakfast on the patio.

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