Florida Shark Diving in Jupiter, Fl.

This has been on my bucket list for a while. I had scheduled this adventure 3 times and it was canceled each time due to weather ( I would book out months in advance). This time I decided to book within the same week that I wanted to go and things worked out perfectly. I arrived at the boat dock and met with the crew and the other participants that were going out that day. The weather was a bit cool and I was a little nervous but that’s normal when you’re about to swim with sharks! We signed our waivers and went over a few things before boarding the boat. The 30 minute ride out was a bit bumpy ( a lot bumpy 🤣) and yes once again I got seasick. My seasickness wasn’t that bad and it quickly went away after I blessed the water with my vomit. After the boat stopped, the bait box was thrown overboard to draw in the sharks. It didn’t take long for them to come and everyone got suited in the wet suits that were provided and grabbed our snorkel masks and it was time time to jump in. Well almost everyone lol. I was definitely hesitant to get in the water but once I seen that everything was going smoothly I got in. Although the water was really choppy, the view below was amazing and to see the sharks right beneath you swimming was just breath taking. There was almost a sense if calm that comes over you when you see these powerful creatures so close. Tanner did an amazing job taking pictures and he really worked hard to bring the sharks closer to the surface so that we could get a good look. My overall experience with Florida Shark Diving was so dope! Now that it’s over and I can really reflect on this experience, I can’t stop smiling. There is still a sense of euphoria flowing through me.
If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure be sure to check them out.

🦈 https://floridasharkdiving.com

Bull Shark coming to say hello

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