First Scuba Diving Lesson

Today I had my first scuba diving lesson. Scuba diving has been on my bucket list for a while and I was suppose to do this lesson about 2 years ago buap myself with the equipment. I tried not to get overwhelmed by trying to take in so much information at one time. I thought to myself “With all of this equipment on I’m gonna sink like a rock”. That was totally not the case but the mind can take you there lol.

Once I was in the water and I just relaxed and learned to trust the equipment things progressed so well. The dive instructor was so patient and made sure that I was comfortable with what was going on. Before it was over with I really started feeling myself and my confidence level soared.

After the lesson was over, we downloaded all of the equipment and did a debrief. I will take a couple more lessons to gain even more confidence and then you can catch me in some turquoise water getting a closer look at a barrier reef! There’s a whole world under there just in case you didn’t know!

If you’re thinking about scuba diving but don’t know where to start. Contact a local dive shop in your area. Many offer a course called Discover Scuba Diving and it basically gives you an intro into the world of scuba diving and you can see if it’s something that you would like to pursue.

Groupon seems to always have deals on scuba diving lessons. Check them out if you to save coins like me!

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