36 Hour Tuna Fishing Trip

This fishing trip finally happened after being rescheduled 3 times! I woke up super early to get to the dock for a 630am departure. I got checked in,  found my bunk on the boat and went to sleep since we had about a 5 hour boat ride to the first fishing spot. I had a medicted nausea patch on but after 3 hours on the boat the nausea kicked in and I threw several times until things finally leveled off. We did some bottom fishing for vermillion snapper and bait fish for a few hours. I caught a red snapper but because red snapper season is over it was a catch and release. Now it was time for another long boat ride further out into the gulf. We finally made it to the tuna fishing site which is located near the Deepwater Thalassa drill ship. It seemed magical to be so close to this massive structure. I manged to catch some blackfin tuna and I was so excited! We fished for about 9 hours overnight and at about 630am it was time to head back towards Galveston to do some more bottom fishing. I didn’t catch a yellowfin this time but I now have something to look to on my next trip. After 36 hours on the boat we docked and a fish cleaning crew was there to gut and cut our fish for a small fee. This was my 4th fishing trip with Williams Party Boats and it didn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for a fishing trip click the link below. The trips range in hours and prices.

The total catch for the boat (8 yellowfin, 133 blackfin, and 300 vermillion snapper!


Just a lil tuna blood
Deepwater Thalassa drill ship
My fishing buddy Weldon
Some yellowfin
That’s a lot of tuna (yellowfin & blackfin)
We covered a lot of miles in this boat!

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