Noodling (Handfishing for Catfish)

Sometimes you catch the fish and sometimes the fish catches you! I tried my hand (literally lol😂) at noodling in Temple, Oklahoma with Big Fish Adventures. Skipper and JoAnn were very knowledgeable and took all of the necessary precautions since I was a first timer. We trekked through the river and were able to locate a flathead catfish. The guide (Skipper) had me go in feet first into the hole to feel around for the catfish with my foot. When that catfish snapped at my foot it was fast and hard! Wham😳! This was such a shocker that I wanted no more to do with this and I was ready to be done. But I came here to do some noodling right 🤔? Skipper was able to guide the catfish out of the hole and had me grab onto it but I was still trying to gather myself after what just happen. I desperately wanted this catfish to be docile but he came out thrashing. After the obligatory pictures, the catfish was released back into its hole. Overall this was an adrenaline pumping experience that I will put on my list to do again.

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